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2020 brought unprecedented changes to the world of entertaining... and our little celebration company is taking it all in stride. We now offer virtual and mirco event services in addition to our full scale wedding and event services.

So regardless of how you choose to celebrate, we are here to help!

Many potential clients worry that hiring an Event Planning Professional won't fit in their budget or only provides value for large scale, complex events. In truth, even a small backyard wedding or child's birthday party can benefit from the expertise of a professional planner and the best planners can always tailor their services to fit in your budget.

We aren't just project managers and negotiators, our team provides event design services, florals, vendor procurement, custom decor creation and more. We also have an extensive assortment of party supplies - think balloons and festive decor - as well as seasonal home decor and florals available to purchase through our team or in our eshop.